Satellite roller screws with roller recycling

RVR satellite roller screws have very fine threads and are used when very great positioning accuracy is required along with high rigidity and load-carrying capacity.

The main elements of RVR satellite roller screws are the screw, the nut and the rollers which are guided and maintained at the correct distance in a cage.

The screw has a single- or two-start thread with a triangular profile. The angle between the flanks is 90°. The nut has the same internal thread as the screw.

The rollers are not threaded but have grooves perpendicular to the screw axis. The distance between the grooves matches the exposed thread of the screw and nut. The flanks are convex and the angle between them is 90°.

When the screw or nut rotates, the rollers are axially displaced in the nut. After a complete revolution, each roller is returned to its initial position by two cams at the end of each nut. They can be recycled this way because there is a groove the length of the nut.

The cage pockets are slightly longer than the rollers to enable them to move axially within the nut.