The ROLLVIS product range includes satellite roller screws without roller recirculation (RV and HRV types), inverted screws (RVI), differential screws (RVD), and screws with roller recirculation (RVR). Support bearings are also available to equip all types of Rollvis satellite roller screws.

Satellite roller screws are similar to ball screws with one important difference: the load transfer elements are threaded rollers. The key advantage of satellite roller screw is that it offers a large number of contact points to transfer the load.

Industries Served:

    • Robotics
    • Aeronautics
    • Space (launchers and satellites)
    • Industrial Machinery
    • Defense
    • Energy (nuclear, oil, solar)
    • Medical
    • Scientific Equipment

Typical Applications:

    • Electric actuators
    • Presses
    • Metal Forming and Bending
    • ElectroMagnet Positioning
    • Spot Welding
    • Rivet Installation
    • Powered Prosthetics

Advantages Compared to Ballscrews:

    • Higher Peak Load Capacity
    • Longer lifespan
    • Improved Rigidity
    • High Capacity with Small Leads
    • Extra Small leads from 0.02mm


Thanks to the absence of axial movement of the rollers in the nut, the RV roller screw allows you to combine very high speeds and accelerations while significantly reducing downtime.

The gears at the ends of the rollers maintain kinematics even under the most severe conditions.


The HRV satellite roller screw is a variation of the RV roller screw designed for high load applications or where extended life span is required.

Its design is based on a specific optimization of the design of type RV screws, with even more contact points and a new thread profile. This translates into longer nuts than in the standard RV version.

Being designed for larger diameters, our HRV line is not available with split nut nor with internal preload. Only standard or reduced backlash options are available.


The RVI is an inverted satellite roller screw based on the principle of RV design, with the key difference that its screw-nut system is inverted.

This inverted design enables a different definition of the threads and thus increases the load capacities at low feeds per revolution, thus optimizing the compactness as much as possible, reducing the driving torque and making direct and watertight guiding of the screw.

Also, the nut is threaded along its entire length and much longer than on RV screws. It defines the overall stroke of the complete screw which can therefore be limited as needed.

The RVR Screw

The RVR satellite roller screw is a design with recirculating rollers.

RVR satellite roller screws have very fine leads and are used when a very high positioning accuracy  combined with a high rigidity and a high load capacity is required.

As opposed to the RV screw, the recirculation implies a limitation of the rotation speed.


The RVD differential screw is suitable for high precision applications.

Its components, carefully calculated and then adjusted, allow extremely fine leads of down to 0.05 mm, or even 0.02 mm.

The specifics of its mechanism implies relatively shorter strokes.

In order to guarantee the highest precision and production quality, the RVD screw required the development of dedicated production machines.

Our Support bearings

We invite you to discover our line of support bearings for our planetary roller screws.


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