RVD Differential Roller Screw​

RVD Differential Roller Screw Cut Away

RVD Differential Roller Screw

When sub-micron resolution is essential to your operations, our RVD differential roller screws are an ideal fit. A specialized internal design allows the rollers, nut and shaft to move relative to each other (differentially) and these factors can be adjusted to achieve leads down to 0 mm. 

Each RVD is a custom design made specifically for a customer application. CAD models are generated specifically for each customer and application. The product tables shown are intended to illustrate some possibilties – many more options are available.


  • Shaft Diameters from 12mm and up
  • Lead Starting at zero millimeters
  • Excellent repeatability, precision, and reliability


  • Exceptionally small leads:
    Even with large screw diameters for heavy equipment loads, RVD series systems can still accommodate leads down to 0mm, allow both high accuracy moves and very low input torque.

  • Sub-micron accuracy:
    The differential operation of RVD roller screw systems allows for incremental movements of less than one micron. Many customers achieve positioning accuracy measured in nano meters.

Advantages & Applications

Satellite Closeup

The unique capabilities of the RVD differential roller screws design mean that it is used by customers for some of the most challenging applications. The screws can be made from a variety of materials and so they are suitable to be used in highly specialized scientific or medical environments and can also be used in space applications.

Some example applications include:

    • Electron beam focusing/bending
    • Positioning systems for scientific equipment
    • Orbital telescopes

High-Performance Technology Solutions

At Rollvis, we develop groundbreaking technology solutions for the needs of today’s industries and tomorrow’s products. Contact us to see detailed specifications for RVD differential roller screws.


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