RVR Recirculating Roller Screw

RVR Recirculating Planetary Roller Screw

RVR Recirculating Roller Screws

A recirculating roller screw is a planetary roller screw because the rollers orbit the shaft. However, the inner mechanism is special.

What makes the recirculating design different is that the rollers are ground with no thread angle and so they travel axially within the nut and reset — or recirculate — after each orbit. This type of operation provides exceptionally precise linear motion.

A key to RVR roller screw operation is the carefully engineered cage that houses the grooved rollers and cam system which indexes the rollers precicely. 

The RVR design offers very high rigidity and we also offer preloaded designs when added axial rigidity is required.


  • Shaft Diameter from 8 to 125 mm
  • Leads from 0.25 to 5 mm
  • Dynamic Load Rating from 7.3 kN [1640 lb] to 986 kN [220 000 lb]
  • Smaller Nut Diameter
  • All Metal Construction
  • The Nuts, Rollers and Shafts are precision ground.


  • Precise and Accurate Movement
    • Extremely small leads: With leads as small as 0.25 mm per revolution, customers can achieve position accuracy of 1-2 microns.
    • Repeatability: The internal mechanism, coupled with very low input torques allow the customer to have very highly repeatable movements
    • Driving: The small leads need less torque input to move a load.
    • Holding: The small leads mean that it takes less torque to avoid back driving.
  • Rigidity: Each screw has many rollers, and each roller has many contact points which mean that the RVR screw offers a very high rigidity in a small package

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Cylindrical Grinding
Mountain top Telescope

What RVR recirculating roller screws lack in maximum speed and acceleration, they make up for in resolution, strength and stiffness.

    • The RVR recirculating design allows customers to choose much smaller drive motors while still being able to support very high loads due to the ultra-small leads.
    • The high rigidity, efficiency and positioning accuracy allows the customer to use a single screw for both macro and fine positioning.
    • The Ultra fine leads also mean that the torque required to hold a position against back driving is much lower which can affect both the motor and brake selection.

RVR roller screw systems are ideal for low- or medium-speed linear movements where precision is critical. 


    • Precision CNC grinding machinery
    • Lens-focusing systems
    • Positioning systems for scientific equipment
    • Semiconductor manufacturing operations


    • CNC Equipment: Grinding and Honing
    • Scientific Equipment
    • Robotic arm systems (grippers)
    • Down Hole tools for Drilling
    • Semi Conductor

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At Rollvis, our team is a trusted industry leader in precision linear motion systems. We engineer customized automation parts for advanced applications in science, metalworking, aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, medical device manufacturing, and many other fields.

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