RV / HRV Planetary Roller Screws

Rollvis high precision planetary (satellite) roller screws transfer a motor’s rotational input into a heavy load capacity, high-precision, durable linear movement. Their design allows for even load distribution and reduced wear, making them a superior alternative to ball screws, hydraulics, and belt or chain drives.

As the RV planetary roller screw shaft rotates, the rollers, which are in contact with both the screw’s threads and the nut’s threads, also rotate and move in a planetary (orbiting) motion around the screw shaft, converting rotary motion into linear motion. Roller screws can outperform ball screws in nearly every category.

The HRV Series, heavy duty planetary roller screws, starts from shaft diameter 60mm and offers and even greater load capacity.


    • Shaft Diameters ranging from 3.5 to 210 mm.
    • Leads ranging from 1.0 to 50 mm.
    • Dynamic Load ratings from 3.9 kN [1,000lb] up to 3800 kN [855,000lb]
    • Internal synchronizing gears
    • The Nuts, Rollers and Shafts are precision ground.
    • All metal Construction and available with specialty alloys for specific applications.


    • Strength: Industrial roller screws use multiple threaded rollers that provide more contact points with the screw shaft for a higher load capacity than similarly sized ball screws.
      • Very High Peak Load capacity
      • HRV, heavy duty planetary roller screws, is a longer Nut for even higher load capacity on the same shaft and nut diameter.
      • Superior shock load resistance
      • Long service life
      • Compactness
    • Speed: Roller screw construction allows for operational speeds that exceed 40 in/sec and 3G acceleration in some cases.
    • Efficiency: Even with the extremely high load ratings, roller screws operate with a very high efficiency.
    • Reliability: The planetary-driven mechanism offers reduced noise and vibration, and reliable operation with fewer failure modes.


Large Press Machine
Electromechanical Actuator in Application
Prosthetic Leg
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Customers can take advantage of the features and benefits of planetary roller screws and heavy duty planetary roller screws in these ways:

    • The long service life of a planetary roller screw reduced the maintenance cost to the customer it’s not uncommon for RV screws to have a life expectancy 15 times that of ball screws.
    • The compact load density of a roller screw allows machinery and machine components to be smaller, saving both space and money with respect the whole machine design. This is especially true with very small screws where the load capacity of ball screws is limited by the small ball size.
    • Electrification – the ultra high load density in the HRV type screws is key to being able to replace hydraulic systems with an electro-mechanical solution.
    • The external dimensions are the same for any value of lead which makes the screws extremely flexible to use for a machine designer. The HRV increases the length of the nut, but the shaft and Nut diameter remain the same.


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    • Automotive Assembly & Manufacturing Processes: Very demanding production volumes demand reliable up time and roller screws have long been at the core of systems used for welding, riveting and gluing with automotive assembly lines.
    • Metal Forming and Shaping: Presses: The need for high peak loads is a key factor when forming, punching, or bending metal parts. Roller screws are ideally suited for these types of applications.
    • Aerospace: Reliability under extreme conditions and a range of construction materials suitable for controlling air- and spacecraft components.
    • Oil and Gas: Oil and gas equipment and machinery need precise, reliable heavy-duty roller screws for valve actuation, drilling equipment, and pump jacks.
    • Medical Devices: When Smooth, precise and high force movements are needed, then roller screws are selected.


Injection Molding Machine
    • Electro-Mechanical Actuators: Planetary Roller Screws are at the core of electromechanical actuators that are used when replacing hydraulic systems.
    • Injection Molding Machines: Precise control over motion, with high loads, to produce high-quality plastic parts with tight tolerances and in very high production volumes.
    • Spot welding: Reliability for millions of cycles are key for automotive production.
    • High-volume riveting operations: High speed with high impact forces – Roller Screws are selected to match a need for long service life.
    • Robotic Joints: Roller screws offer a company and high force option when considering linear actuation as part of modern robotics and prosthetics.
    • Metal forming, punching and pressing: High loads are required when forming, bending or punching metal parts. These operations often involve a high speed movement with impact loading at the end of the stroke.
Injection Molding Machine

Innovative Automation Solutions for Manufacturers

Since 1970, Rollvis has been a globally recognized innovator in the design and manufacture of RV planetary roller screws. Our technical experts can help you customize our products to meet your specific engineering requirements. 

Contact us for more information today. Rollvis is a high-quality producer of planetary roller screws with ISO 9001:2015 (Industrial) and EN 9100:2018 (Aerospace) certifications. Contact us for expert technical consultation on your specific application today.


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